As a consumer, you can help end the misuse of antibiotics in animal agriculture.

Eat without Antibiotics.  Next time you buy meat or poultry, choose products raised without the routine use of antibiotics, using the Eat Well Consumer Guide. Use it to find retail outlets, restaurants, and producers nationwide that sell meat and poultry raised without the routine use of antibiotics. Or, find them yourself by searching out meat products with labels that say "certified organic," "raised without antibiotics," and "no antibiotics administered." Your choices as a consumer will bolster efforts to change public policies that currently allow routine use of antibiotics in animals that aren't sick.

Spread the Word. Tell friends and family what you have learned about how the overuse of antibiotics in animal agriculture impacts human health. Urge them to visit our website and to take action on this important issue.

We understand that some people will find it difficult to support a cause working to improve a system in which animals are raised to be eaten. Even if you personally oppose meat and fish consumption, we hope that you recognize the need to protect antibiotics and will consider taking action and urging your friends and family to do the same.

Check out "The Meatrix," an entertaining and informative flash animation feature on factory farming here.