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Antibiotic Resistance Threatens Public Health

Doctors depend on antibiotics to treat illnesses caused by bacteria, from pneumonia to meningitis and other life-threatening infections. The effectiveness of many antibiotics has begun to wane, the legacy of decades of unnecessary overuse in both human medicine and agriculture.

Keep Antibiotics Working is a coalition of health, consumer, agricultural, environmental, humane and other advocacy groups with more than eleven million members dedicated to eliminating a major cause of antibiotic resistance: the inappropriate use of antibiotics in food animals.

For a general overview of the issue, see the Campaign's fact sheets: Antibiotic Resistance - An Emerging Public Health Crisis and Antibiotic Resistance and Animal Agriculture.

Personal Stories of Antibiotic Resistance

Kim and Family
Picture of Danielle
Kim's Story
“I was shocked to learn that hog farmers who handle an abundance of antibiotics are a main carrier of MRSA. The idea that I brought this home to my family plagued me. I could not wait to return to work so I could alert everyone else to the dangers of this issue.” More...
Danielle's Story
“Contaminated food and the poisoning that accompanies it doesn’t just hurt the individual who is sick, it hurts family as well as the wider community. For me, caring about food safety is caring about my grandfather, my friends and neighbors.” More...

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Share Your Experience

If you or a family member has been ill with an antibiotic-resistant bacterial infection, please fill out the KAW Share Your Experience form. Your information will be completely confidential. Please keep in mind that we are unable to provide medical treatment or expertise to you at this time.


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* June 30, 2014

KAW applauds the American Medical Association for adopting a more stringent policy on reducing antibiotics in food animals. Read KAW's press release about the new policy here.

* May 28, 2014

KAW welcomes our newest organization member to the Keep Antibiotics Working Coalition, Environmental Working Group!

* March 14, 2014

KAW thanks Senator Elizabeth Warren for taking FDA to task over its failure to adequately address concerns about antiboitic overuse on the farm. Read KAW's press release here.

* February 13, 2014

KAW welcomes our newest organization member to the Keep Antibiotics Working Coalition, Healthcare Without Harm!

* January 13, 2014

KAW and 31 other public interest groups sent a letter to Foster Farms, asking them to adopt stewardship practices that result in healthy chicken with reduced needs for antibiotics. Read the letter here.

* December 11, 2013

Today the FDA released the long-delayed final version of Guidance 213, which addresses antibiotic use in food animals. KAW applauds FDA for taking this step forward, but more needs to be done to improve FDA's voluntary plan. Read KAW's response to Guidance 213 here.

* November 18, 2013

Today marks the first day of the CDC's "Get Smart About Antibiotics Week," which runs until November 24. KAW Coaltion member Margaret Mellon wrote a crituqe of this awareness week on The Equation blog.

* October 10, 2013

In the face of Foster Farms' drug-resistant Salmonella outbreak, KAW calls on Obama Administration and Congress to address crisis of antibiotic resistance. Read KAW's press release here.

* September 16, 2013

The Center for Disease Control releases a report saying it's time to curtail the use of drugs in agriculture in order to address the public health crisis of antibiotic resistance. Read KAW's response to the report here.

* August 9, 2013

Experts warn that the overuse of antibiotics in poultry farms is creating a generation of superbugs that are resistant to treatment by virtually every drug available to the medical establishment. Read the story here.

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